Monday, July 28, 2014

Granny Bag

Doesn't that sound so desirable? "Granny bag." Yeah. That's exactly what everyone wants: the bag a grandmother carries around. However, I call it a granny bag because it is composed primarily of granny squares, not because it has been out of style for thirty years.

So. My little sister requested this bag for her birthday. I had made myself one, and she liked it so much that she wanted her own. Here is the finished project:

Granted, she asked for it in plain gray and cream. Because she's boring and doesn't like color. I tell her often. But, I cannot use only plain colors. I cannot bring myself to leave off at least one bright and happy color. So, I threw in some purple - her favorite color. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and so is she.

Alas, I did not create this pattern. This person did. I just changed the colors and made it a little bit smaller. But it has such a fun outcome that I wanted to share the pattern. This bag is ridiculously simple and fairly quick to make. It only took me a few hours. As I said before, it is made of granny squares. If you don't know how to make such a square, this is the best tutorial I've yet seen for them. I thought about making my own, but if it's not broken, why fix it? This is actually the tutorial that refreshed my memory after many years respite from the square of granny. Granny squares are probably one of the easiest things to crochet after a straight line.

You can line this bag with fabric - and you probably should, but I do not sew. That is one skill I have not yet mastered. If you have, then, by all means, line this bag and make it stronger. Just keep in mind the very hole-y nature of granny squares when you choose your yarn and fabric. Don't choose a white yarn and a super brightly colored or patterned fabric unless you really want to see the fabric through the bag.

Now, I did the straps a little differently than the original poster did. Here's my "pattern:"

1 - 2. Sc in each st around twice, with sctog in each of the corners. By "corners," I mean these parts. Connect with a sl st after each round.

3. Sc in each st until you reach the top peak of the granny square where you'll make the strap. (Does that make sense? If not, I can add a picture.) Ch. 40 (for the strap). Do this again for the other side. Finish the round with however many sc it takes to get to where you started. You will still sctog in the corners. Connect with a sl st to first sc.

4 - 5. Sc around in each st and ch, sctog in the corners. (Twice - once for round 4, and once for round 5.) Connect with a sl st after each round. Fasten off.

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