Monday, September 7, 2015

Baymax Printable

My boys have a slight obsession with superheroes. I know. Shocking. Because they're preschool age and under, I don't actually let them see the big movies that are PG and over. My husband and I both grew up with a rule of "no PG-13 movies until you're thirteen," and we're going to continue that with our kids. So, my four-year-old is stuck with Lego superheroes and the animated series'. And Big Hero 6. Oh, Big Hero 6. How do we love thee? Enough that when we first got it, we watched it everyday. As many times as I would let them.

Luckily, I love Big Hero 6. I think it's funny and touching. I cry every time they watch it. Every time. The main kid deals with some serious crap. And he gets through it with Baymax. I love Baymax. Baymax may very well be my favorite Disney character. And he's a robot. He's just so innocent and caring. And funny. We can't forget that. That's the reason kids love him. And oh, do my kids love him. So when I wanted to draw some pictures for my sons' room, I decided to do one of Baymax.

Now, FYI, the background color is grey because my printer is black and white. If you are interested in a version with more color, leave me a comment, and I will make a more colorful version. I thought of doing some of Baymax's other quotes, too, but I settled on this one. The pdf file for it is at the bottom of the post. 

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