Wednesday, September 2, 2015

E-Reader Case Crochet Pattern

As my last post said, I love to read. Love it. Always have, most likely always will. I am not, however, one of those book purists who are anti-technology. I love to read; I do not love holding open a book. I feel like I'm breaking the book every time it gets the crease in the binding. Sometimes I like to read on my back, and then I have to hold the book with both hands. Physical books are exhausting, guys. And they take up space. I mean, more power to you if you want a million of them lying around. I get the appeal. However, we have enough of a problem with clutter in our house that the only books I want laying around are kids books. I fully accept the joys of the e-reader.

This is not a post reviewing a specific e-reader, although I've used both Nook and Kindle. This really is a crochet pattern post. But there are so many people vehemently opposed to e-readers out there that I feel like I have to justify my position. I also count it a success any time I get someone to invest in an e-reader. Because that's what they are, people: an investment. If you read a lot, they're so worth it.

Anyway. Justification over. Consider an e-reader.

When I first got my Kindle, I got a nice hard case that it snaps into and has a magnetic on/off feature. It was pretty awesome until after six months the edge of the flap that connects the front to the back started to break. Now the flap won't stay connected, and it doesn't do the magic on/off thing when I open and shut it. I tried buying a new one, but it had a problem where it would turn the screen off when the flap was flipped to the back. So, I'd be reading, and my screen would shut off. Super awesome. Yeah. Apparently (I learned from reading more reviews after I had the problem with the new case), this is a huge problem with this kind of case. So I did what I should have done in the first place: I made my own case.

And it's pretty.

I love the yellow. It's so bright and cheerful, and it is stands out visually. This was pretty important to me because Kindles/e-readers are usually dark grey or black. And I have a grey couch and a grey bedspread, and they disappear into there quite easily. And I'm not a super graceful person, and I don't always see things and said things sometimes break. I did not want to break my Kindle. I had already broken my Nook. Another story for another day. Anywho. This case does not blend into my dark furnishings. Or anything. It stands out. Very stylishly.

Kindle Case Crochet Pattern

I Hook
Normal acrylic yarn (I used my beloved I Love This Yarn! Go figure.)

  1. Ch 21. Sc in second ch from hook and across. In last ch, make 3 sc, then continue around the back of the ch. When you get all the way back around, put 2 sc in last st, and connect to first sc. 
  2. Ch 1. Sc in each st around. Now you'll start working in the round. Sc into the first sc.
  3. Mark the sc you just made with your handy dandy stitch marker, or bobby pin, or whatever it is you use. Continue sc-ing around for 5 rounds. Once again, don't connect.
  4. Ch 1. [Sk one sc. 2 dc in next.] Repeat around. Once you reach the end, connect to the first dc with a sl st. 
  5. Ch 1. Sc once. Put your st marker in that sc. Now sc around in rounds again for 3 rounds.
  6. Repeat 4.
  7. Repeat 5.
  8. Repeat 4.
  9. Repeat 5.
  10. Repeat 4.
  11. Repeat 5.
  12. Repeat 4.
  13. Ch 1. Sc once. St mark that last sc. Sc around for 5 rounds. Connect to the first sc with a sl st. Weave in your ends, and you are done. Bask in the sense of accomplishment you feel in making such a useful and pretty object.
Note: This can easily be changed to work for any size e-reader or tablet. All you need to do is change the number of chains you start with.

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